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Services We Provide

What we can offer you –

Systems developed to your specifications for internal or external use!

Web Content Management

  • Web site design and development
  • Put your documents on the web when you want for as long as you want them there
  • Easily manage document significance
  • We will guide you to:
    • Identify/Clarify Your Mission and Goals
    • Identify Your 'Vision'
    • Define Your Audience
    • Create an Inventory of Your Content
    • Identify the Server Environment
    • Create Site Maps
    • Create Content Maps
    • Design Page Schematics
    • Define Constructive Processes

Web Hosting – We Have Your Solution

  • You don't have a server for your website…
  • You don't have the operating system to run your website…
  • You need reliable, redundant access to the Internet…
  • You don't have the staff necessary to manage your web presence…
  • You have the ideas and the product or service, but you don't know how to reach your audience…
  • You need to know who is accessing your site, how and when…
  • You have the talent and skill to create content for your clients but no clear way to reach them…
  • We can answer all your needs without busting your budget!

eCommerce Solutions — What a total mystery this is to most folks. Where do you start? We know all about it!

We'll guide you through step-by-step to:

  • Establish your merchant account
  • Establish a secure site
  • Develop the layout for your product pages
  • Structure your product and purchaser databases
  • Integrate email confirmation services communicating your message to your customers

Document Control

  • Version control - need to find a previous version of a document?
  • Single source - who's got the most current version of a document? That shouldn't even be a question for more than a moment.
  • Check-in/Check-out - wish you could control who can look and who can touch?
  • Audit Trail - Who made that change? You need to know and you need to know now.
  • Meta Data - Descriptive information about each document and its content.

Document Management

  • Complete document control
  • Structured authoring templates
  • Manage your documents from birth to death
  • Use your favorite word processor to create and edit
  • Convert source documents to SGML, XML, HTML or XHTML.

Content Management

  • Complete document management
  • Content classification and cataloging - semantic classification or taxonomy
  • Content cross-referencing
  • Tailored collaboration and content management solutions
  • Solutions that fit your workflow
  • Stage documents or portions of documents for use in several delivery formats and media

With our help you can...

  • Share, reuse and repurpose information
  • Catalog, index and enrich your work product
  • Convert data and documents into useable information
  • Bring your work product alive
  • Turn your work product into information
  • Make better-informed decisions
  • Open an information portal tailored to your target audience
  • Seamlessly integrate daily work production with content technology
  • Turn disparate content into cohesive information
  • Manage electronic content
  • Create, manage, assemble and deliver content