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Don Withrow has been involved in software development for mission critical applications on multiple platforms since 1975. He has developed several customized content management systems and document control systems since 1989 with extensive experience in matching user workflow to process flow. Don’s experience includes software development of Internet/Intranet, Client/Server based Applications, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), Data Communication, and other areas. He is highly skilled in SQL, VBScript, XML, HTML, XHTML, ASP, Visual Basic, JavaScript and relational databases.

Don has worked with small and large law firms, major corporations, small startups, publishers, government organizations, political action organizations and non-profits since 1984 to create cohesive mission critical applications to maximize the use and reuse of work products. These days much of his development work is for web applications and the backend services that support those applications.

Don has worked for several small- to large-sized clients including an innovative project for the Global Gas Flaring Reduction Partners headed by The World Bank. The project involved gas and oil producing countries around the world including Algeria, Cameroon, Qatar and Russia. Don developed the data gathering and reporting tool to be used in the national language of each country to track greenhouse gas emissions and supporting data.

From 1998-2004, Don developed all the content management and web content management tools for CD-ROM products and Web products for Pike & Fischer, Inc. a subsidiary of The Bureau of National Affairs (now Bloomberg BNA). In January 2005, Pike & Fischer's Communications Regulation web product was named a finalist for the Software & Information Industry Association's 20th Annual Codie Award for Best Online Government Information Service.

While Don is a fully capable resource for most if not all of your needs, Don Withrow Consulting networks and manages many other independents in order to bring together the right team to satisfy your most diverse requirements. Some of them are...

NorseCode builds web systems for businesses, educational institutions, non-profits, and individuals. Specializing in sites that are meant to actually do something, our focus is always on integrating databases and content management systems into pleasing output and an engaging user experience.  Find out more at

Gratzer Graphics LLC, one of Don's team partners, provided the graphic design for this site and logos used for Don Withrow Consulting and has collaborated on many other websites. You can view more of Gratzer Graphics work at

Kathy Widenhouse Professional Copywriting Services is a team partner. Kathy is an award-winning freelance copywriter and consultant and provides writing solutions that reach your audience, grow your business and make your life easier. Learn more about Kathy Widenhouse at